A Message from the Founder

Making Connections

Knowledge Link takes pride in serving its customers.  We provide the full range of information technology services, including systems architecture engineering, systems integration, systems and software engineering, systems analysis, software development, test engineering, network engineering, and training support.

From the day the company was launched, the focus has been on connecting people with solutions. We align our technical solutions with our clients’ visions, their missions and program goals, and their functional needs.  Our employees make these connections every day, and they approach their assignments with creativity and enthusiasm.

Knowledge Link is a privately held company.  Our senior management team has been part of other successful startup businesses so we have the knowledge it takes to grow a company with a solid, recognized reputation.  That enabled us, very early on, to attract new business and strong technical talent.

The employees of Knowledge Link are a technically accomplished group.  Our uncompromising commitment produces unique, best-value quality deliverables.  Ask us what they can do to advance your challenging mission.

— Donna K. Alligood